2-4 week 7 trade help

What do you guys think about this trade?
Should I offer it?

I don’t think you’re getting enough. I know Hopkins has been pedestrian so far, but the targets and talent are still there, the breakout is coming. Hill is exciting, but I don’t think his boom/bust tendency is something that would help your team in the long run


Rather just do Andrews for Murray since I already have Hunter Henry? Or stay streaming and go after a WR or RB? @tdster17

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I totally understand your point @tdster17 but this is within the context of a guy @matthewm23 needing to turn his team around. If you look back this thread has almost 80 interactions. It’s been tossed out there to keep Hop, but he’s ready to move on

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Correction: this is a continuation of sorts of the long thread. My mistake. Still same situation

So is WR no longer the priority?

@Gramercy_Riffs @tdster17

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