2-5 Team BYE week troubles


In one of my leagues, Injuries killed my team this season.

Its a MUST WIN for me at 2-5

I have Julio on BYE but got a trade offer for Diggs for my Julio

My other WR’'s im using are AB,Funchess, and Arob For my WR and FLex.

Should i take this trade?

any help would be apprciated

bumpity bump bump

What does your full team look like?
Obviously this deal is less than perfect but you potentially need to buy a win.

for now im starting
WR: Funchess,ab,arob (Julio on bye)
RB Ingram and Lat murray

Anyone noteworthy on the waivers?
I’d hate giving up Julio for just Diggs, at the least try to have him throw in another RB/WR as a sweetener.

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I was going to say the same thing see if you can package trade back.

In my league on going after someone with the same record, I offered Cooper kupp and Rolls-Royce Freeman. In my notes I asked them to offer something back if they didn’t like it. But I haven’t had much luck with trades this year.

Idk, about Julio for Diggs. Diggs is good but he isn’t the number 1 on the team as Julio is. Julio is worth a bit more bye week or not!!

yea but do or die for me

im 2-5