2 back to back 1st rd picks in .5ppr league

I have two 1st rds picks back to back at 4th and 5th in my .5 ppr keeper league. If had the option of drafting 2 of the following, who would you take? E. Elliott, A. Brown, A. Kamara, D. Hopkins, O. Beckham, S. Barkley, L. Fournette, J. Jones.

Also I don’t pick again until the top of the 3rd round and don’t have a 4th.

Zeke and AB, best WR in the game and an RB1 with the potential to finish number 1 overall at the position.

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I would pick Brown and Kamara. I am super concerned with the Dallas line. The saints are showing to be improved and while Kamara is showing regression this year they are without Ingram for 4 games. I see higher floor in Kamara and similar upside with a slight edge to Zeke. Just my .02


I agree with everything you said especially with the Dallas O-line dealing with some major injuries right now, I think Zeke will still be good but i can see the offense as a whole taking a big step back this year with all the changes.
With this being a keeper league though I would also strongly consider Barkley. I’m dealing with a similar situation in my keeper league this year and i think has some risk being a rookie but could very easily be considered in the same tier as Bell and Gurley next year.


Barkley is another good pick here. Risky but could pay out huge for you. I would just make sure you pair Brown with Kamara or Barkley.