2 Day Veto Trade Rule

I took over as commissioner of our league this year. We have a 2 day trade veto rule. A trade was just made yesterday and one of the players involved is playing tonight. So the trade won’t go through until after this week. Should I manually push the trade through? It’s not a trade ANYONE should veto: Mariota and M.Gillislie for A.Smith and C.Clay. Thoughts?

Absolutely. We send trades through within an hour after acceptance. We have a 12 person league and make sure at least 7 people are fine with it… Obviously the 2 involved are fine so only 5 others need to say it’s fair. 2 day rule is absurd.

Agreed. I myself am losing sleep because I’m getting t.y. Hilton for my buck allen and allen hurns… and it’s day 2 finally and should pass at 9! I already got vetoed once, hopefully this one just glides past everyone.

Anyway, yeah, that is a trade you can definitely uphold.

Take a vote and eliminate vetos and time constraints all together.

The reason we had this rule to begin with was we have a habitual shady trader in the league and the previous commissioner didn’t like to make decisions on his own. The shady trader would often make 3 for 1 trades with the last place team where he was getting someone like Antonio Brown in exchange for something like L.Blount, S.Watkins, and M.Stafford.

We have the same rule in a 16 man league and I hate it. I’m debating on a trade right now that’s Pryor, kamara for hill

Reach out to the two owners specifically and ask them if they would like it pushed through, most likely they do, but it’s good to make sure with both parties before making an independent ruling. The commish should just be the conduit to the league business, not the decision maker.

Completely agree, I hate the waiting period for trades. Got it down to 1 day per Yahoo rules, but we almost always want them ASAP. Shiny new players!

@KiloVolt89 already reached out. One team says he’s ok with whatever. The other team needs a healthy QB (the one receiving A.Smith) so I assume he’ll want it now.