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2 first round picks - Zeke?


I pick 8 in a 10 team standard league, in which 6 teams make the playoffs. I have the opportunity to trade my second and third round picks for the 6th pick in the first round and another fourth round pick. If I have picks 6 & 8 in the first round, and 6 teams make the playoffs, would you consider taking Zeke in the first round and another top RB such as Freeman?


If Zeke’s suspension isn’t reduced you won’t be able to use him till Week 8 so I’d say no to be on the safe side. What if he comes back and gets injured right away? I think that’s too much risk when you can snag two studs in round 1 and have them all year. Depending on how you draft you could have McCoy and Freeman/Jordy/DeMarco instead of Zeke. If you really want Zeke package up a couple guys for him when whoever drafts him loses 2 of their 3 first games and steal him. All teams in a 10 man league are too good to have your best three players from Round 1, 4 ,4

I’ve got a keeper question if you don’t mind weighing in?