2 Flex 1 RB Draft Strategy

I’m in a league that starts 1 RB and 2 FLEX (12 team full PPR)… Would this alter how you draft? Im guessing this is to relieve some of the major value placed on RBs… I pick 9th and generally try to fit in 2 RBs out of the CEH, Mixon, Aaron Jones, Miles Sanders, Drake etc tier… would it be wiser to try to grab like a Tyreek Hill to pair with one of those RBs? Thoughts? Adams does actually fall to me a lot in mocks… I doubt that happens in real life but I’d certainly take him as my first pick if it fell that way.

I would still go RB heavy, especially picking at 9. You can start the RBs in your flex spots, right?

What is your total starting lineup requirements? PPR or non-PPR? Any other relevant scoring info for WR or RB?