2 for 1 trade proposed to me

Half point PPR, I was offered Ingram and Kelce and would give up McCaffrey.

My team currently

QB: Brady
RB: McCaffrey, lynch, kerryon johnson, lindsay, and chris thompson
WR: Julio, Keenan Allen, shepard, watkins
TE: Brate/Streaming


I don’t think you have a strong enough player on your roster to push that RB1 status every week like CMC can. CMC is past his bye week as well. I’d keep CMC.

I’d consider it. i don’t like that we don’t know what Ingram will be yet. But it’s hard to get a player like Kelce on a roster. This year for TE we have Kelce, and Ertz, and then a bunch of turds

I’d pass on this one.

Howard is out 2-4 weeks now and Brate has been a TE1 basically with Winston at QB. I would wait it out and see what happens with Brate before I go shipping off a RB1 who has already has his BYE.

Kelce is a stud and all but I would pass on this trade.