2 for 2 trade

Come tomorrow I’ll have a 2 for 2 offer’ I trade kamara and tyreek and get McCoy and Evans. He’s doing it because he wants keepers as his team is out of it (kamara hill have good keeper status). I’m a top 2 team and in it to win it, that’s a trade I have to do, right?

Yeah I like it for you for sure. Both Shady and Evans are going to be more consistent. I’d do it if I were you.

Keep Kamara and Tyreek

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Kamara will be the number one rb in NO by the end of the season and never trade the number one wr of the number one qb in the league.

Hard one… Evans will prob be suspended for his actions during the game? And the thing with kamara is that no matter the number he put up ingram is still the RB1 for the saints. I would take this trade

I like the trade. Those are two solid work horses you’re getting there. Kamara has been really solid but it could be a good “sell high” move on your end. So if we’re comparing Ty to Evans I think Evans will be the more consistent ROS player. There’s def some risk but I say go for it.

I agree about too qb top Wr but hill is a unique wr1 there relying on long plays, kelce is the too catcher

Yeah, that’s my thinking. I’d bet that shady ha smore TDs rest of season and Evans is a more consistent target guy

This trade would be in your best interest for playoffs looking at Shady’s schedule and knowing that Evans should be more consistent than Hill as well.

Now have to keep in mind that Jameis is out - could be better for Evans or worse, it’s definitely a tough one. I’ve got three of the four on my team (Kamara, McCoy, and Tyreek). Tyreek a back and forth good weeks/bad weeks, kamara is now consistently an RB1. It all depends on how you feel about Evans rest of season. It’s a good trade either way, youll be fine taking it or leaving it.