2 keeper 1/2 PPR advice

Need to keep two of the following:
K. Hunt
D. Adams
M. Evans
A. Rodgers
Keepers count as round 1 & 2. Help me out with this everyone! QBs go early in my league.

Hunt and Evans.

do you have to keep 2? because if you aren’t forced to, id keep Hunt and that’s it. If you do have to keep 2 I’d go with Hunt and Adams .

Yeah two are required. Those are the two I was leaning towards.

I’d have to think really hard about Evans vs Adams. With A-rod back Adams may be in for a monster season and Tampa bay is in for a down year especially with Winston suspended. To me it’s hunt and Adams.

One thing about the Bucs this year is a lot of mouths to feed. They are really liking Godwin more and more but Jackson will still have to get the ball plus Brate and Howard. So Evans will still be our top WR (Bucs season ticket holder) but lots of other weapons that will want the ball.

Bucs fan as well and you also have to keep in mind that Evans hardly ever gets YAC.

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Hunt + Adams