2 Keeper-2 QB-Half PPR

Superflex league so essentially 2 QBs. Draft order isn’t known but I will be in top 6 for sure with a 1st, four 2nds and three 3rds to start the draft. Which 2 do I keep? Rodgers, Cook and Beckham are my top candidates. I can trade players for picks up until the draft.

I’d keep cook.

Let OBJ and Rodgers go back in the league unless you can get another 1st round for one of them.

Then draft a RB in the 1st and then like 2 stud WR and TWO RB2s in the 2nd or Rodgers in place of another RB.

OBJ and Cook easily. There’s QB value everywhere, and you could spend two of your 3rds and lock up solid QB play.

Just got an offer to trade Rodgers for David Johnson. Gonna do that and pair him with OBJ then get whatever rb is available at 3 which I just found out is where I’m drafting at. I know for sure Barkley or Cook will be there and keepers aren’t set yet but I doubt anyone better would be available.