2 Keeper .5 PPR // SuperFlex // TE Premium League

.5 PPR // SuperFlex // TE Premium // 2 Keeper

Keeper Costs:
The Draft Pick of the Round you intially drafted your Keeper + 1 for each year you extend the player.
A Traded player defaults to an intial 3rd Round pick to proceeded season after being designated as a Keeper.

Example #1, if I draft Pat Mahomes in the 2nd Round this year (2020), then elect to keep him next year it will cost my 3rd Round pick in 2021. If I then decide to extend him in 2021 to keep again in 2022 it will cost my 4th Round pick and so on.

Example #2, if i trade for Pat Mahomes midway through the season (2020) and elect to designate him a Keeper for 2021 it will cost my 3rd Round pick in 2021, then 4th in 2022, and so on.

Trade Deadline: Week 12

Playoffs Start Week 14.
Top 6 teams go to the Leage Championship Bracket.
Bottom 6 teams compete in Consolation Bracket.

$100 Annual Buy In via LeagueSafe

Weekly Payouts ($50 in total weekly payouts)
$25 Highest Set Lineup Score
$25 Highest BestBall Score (entire lineup plus bench players)

End of Season Payout
Championship Bracket Winner takes $400.
Consolation Bracket Winner takes $150.

I would be interested in joining this league if there are spots available.

We are just about half full. Looking for active players, feel free to invite people you have played with in other leagues.

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