2 keeper Auction Draft. Trade CMC?

I’m in a keeper league with an auction draft. The deal is that we keep 2 players and they automatically cost $85, so everyone goes into the draft with 2 players and $115.

I got an offer of LeVeon Bell plus $70 for CMC. I’m interested in selling high on CMC, and at face value it seems like good value. Bell’s average price is about $15, so I’m getting around $85 dollars for CMC and his average draft price is $75.

But even if I get good value, I’m not sure it makes any sense at all to get rid of a rock solid keeper option and try to get a great keeper in the draft. Available RBs in our draft include CEH, Sanders, Chubb, Drake, Jones, and basically every other lesser ranked RB.

Am I nuts to consider selling off CMC?