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2 Keeper dilemma


1/2 ppr, and I have to choose 2 keepers and this is an auction league on a $200 budget. I am for sure keeping Demarco Murray at $18 and need a lot of help for my second. I am letting go of Antonio Brown at a cost of $73 bc I can get him cheaper in the draft. My only legitimate options left are Jordan Howard at $42, and I think I can get him cheaper in the draft. Russell Wilson for $18, Demaryius Thomas for $26 or Zach Ertz for $6. I traded Zeke last year which was terrible, could have kept him for $45 this year. I’m leaning towards just keeping Demarco and going into the draft hoping to get better values


Yeah zeke at 45$ would of been amazing… But it is what it is.

I’d lean towards just keeping Murray and going into the draft with a good amount of money.

If you felt like you had to keep a 2nd demaryius is the only choice… All the rest you can get at a better value. Demaryius is listed at $25 in my auction keeper league spreadsheet.

So I might do a couple auction mock drafts and see how much demaryius goes for and see if it’s right around there and worth it. But if not I think Murray and you will be fine.


Agree with Murray and as @Fr0sty11 said, I think DT is probably around the price you’d get him in the draft and he’s a solid WR to build on.