2 Keeper league dilemma

Hey guys/girls!

So I’ve got this major dilemma right now with selecting my two keepers. Our league rules on keepers is you can keep a player that’s on your team at the end of the year at a cost of two rounds higher than they were selected, and undrafted players can be kept in the 15th and 14th rounds (if you keep two).

My no brainer is Jordan Howard, who is going to cost me a 15th. Duh.

My dilemma is the other selection. My best options are Ty Montgomery, Martavis Bryant, and Davante Adams (all undrafted last year, thus would all cost a 14th). Keep in mind that my league can only hold 4 running backs, so if I select Ty Montgomery I’ll have two RB slots left, which means that if I get a high pick in the draft (determined at the time of draft) I’ll likely select a RB and have one slot left.

Another thing to consider is Ty Montgomery in my league last year was one of those special dual slot positions, listed as both a RB and WR, so I could play him in either slot. If he turns out to be double slotted again I think it’s a no brainer. I could have a major advantage on my opponents by having 5 RB’s whereas everyone else has 4. I just don’t know if I’m sold on taking Montgomery over the other two options, especially Bryant who I’m thinking is gonna have a 1100 yd, 11 TD year.

Any advice is appreciated!


That’s an interesting format and quite the punishment for keeping a keeper.

I think it forces you to look for value and while the possibility of Ty Montgomery being dual-slotted is nice, I’m not sure how defined his role is going to be. I like Marty McBry’s upside this year (assuming he doesn’t get himself into trouble again). I think if I knew that Ty Montgomery is for SURE to be slotted as a RB/WR he would be the sensible pick, however if he’s defined as a RB only that could limit your draft and I’d lean Marty McBry.

I think if the designation of Ty is unknown and you have to pick before then I’d prob go Martavius just to be on the safe side of not limiting your RB group in your draft.

do you have any other keepers that you actually drafted or no one at good value?

Howard is defintely a no brainer