2 Keeper League Help!

Hey guys! I have a two keeper league (0.5 PPR) and wanted to get y’all a thoughts on my second keeper (or if I should even keep them).

I’m keeping Lev Bell, but here are my other options:

  • Joe Mixon
  • TY Hilton
  • Gronk

Love to hear y’all thoughts. Thanks!

What are your keeper rules? Are your 2 keepers your first 2 picks or are they tied to a round? Also, do you know where you’re drafting yet?

If it’s your first 2 picks I would keep Mixon to pair with Bell (that’s just my personal preference to have 2 RBs I can plug in and not worry about - I’m not worried about Mixon’s rookie year).

If it’s a specific round, Gronk gives you such a positional advantage that if it’s 3rd round or later I would keep him.

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I think Mixon, Bell is a great 1/2 keeper pending Bell comes around and you grab Conner as insurance.

If Bell’s holdout looks serious (I don’t think he’s reported as of yet and they had a meeting at 9am) and you get a first round pick back by throwing him back to the draft pool and there’s some options on the board, I’d consider going that route: keep Mixon and Gronk and grab someone with that pick that’s available - Barkley, Kamara, Howard, Fournette etc.

I understand that Bell’s a league winner, but this whole scenario is such a headache. If he ends up holding out, it’s really going to suck and you’ve sunk a first round keeper for nada. If you can get his insurance with Conner and play the long game, it could really pay out - there’s risk reward with this.

TL;DR- Mixon and Bell, just make sure you grab Conner in the draft to lock up that backfield.

Hopefully we hear a definitive answer as to what’s going on with Bell before your draft/keeper deadline etc.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I got gutsy and picked up some bench spots before James Conner. My buddy before me picked up Conner in the 9th because he knows me and wants to ruin my fantasy life. I got Mixon in the 3rd but my other RBs are Coleman, K Johnson, and Bilal Powell… really concerned here… any ideas?