2 Keeper league question

I have the second overall pick in our draft this year in our 10 team 2 keeper league. My 1st keeper is nick chubb, but I’m having trouble picking my second keeper.

Half PPR No penalties for keepers

Derrick Henry - Unpredictable 2019 outcome
Tyler Boyd - Possible Cooper Kupp comp in new offense?
Sammy Watkins - #1 reciever? Injury rick

What’s the league format? Are their penalties for keepers?

I’d probably keep Boyd and draft the best available back at 1.02… Knowing you’re going to have 18 picks until your 2nd round pick, I don’t think you’d be able to pass up a back at 1.02 regardless of whether you kept Henry or not.

Just my two cents, others may disagree.

As for Watkins… the closer we get to the season without a suspension for Hill, the more I’m convinced he doesn’t miss significant time. Watkins is a solid option, but I like Boyd’s floor better than Watkins Ceiling.

just updated the post, Half PPR and No penalties thought I forgot to add something to the post haha

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yea, I’d still stick with my initial gut reaction. Boyd’s best asset is he’ll see 100-120 targets this year, and I’m buying a bump in almost everyone in that offense with Marvin Lewis gone.

Do you have to pick a 2nd keeper?

In a 10 team league, Henry/Boyd/Watkins are all third round or later players.

There’s no round penalties - why wouldn’t you use them both? If you don’t get an extra pick, then I don’t see why you wouldn’t keep at least one of em…

Because no round penalties usually means those players are your “first couple round” picks.

If I keep Nick Chubb and Tyler Boyd and 9 other teams choose two players to keep then the draft starts essentially in round three.

In some leagues, you do not have to keep a specific number of players. In that case you would potentially get to pick in the “second round”.

I guess that would be the million dollar question, right? My interpretation is that everyone gets the same # of draft picks, and starts with a 1st round pick, they just have two players rostered at the beginning of the draft.

Maybe that would be wise to clarify OP?

Our draft is setup like what Fun4willis has mentioned. Our 2 keepers would be our round 1 and 2 picks.

I will for sure have to ask about the option to pass on the 2nd keeper because that would be a steal to pull barkley before the guy with 1.01 gets to even pick on draft night.

That being said I feel like there is a rule where we all have to pick 2 keepers to avoid something like that happening.

Thanks to both of you for your input on this as well!

Thanks for confirming.

Just for discussion sake, when everyone has to pick two keepers, I view the “1st round” as the 3rd round. They are going to be third round value players available. Having to keep a player that with an ADP below the third round is not optimal for that team.

If you have the option of adding a pick vs. keeping a player, then yes, I would throw Boyd back and take the pick.