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2 Keeper PPR D Johnson round 16!?


Hey folks, glad to be here.

I’ve got a 10 team full point PPR with two keepers, and we can carry forward keepers year to year with a 1 round sacrifice. David Johnson was undrafted a few years back so I kept him round 17 last year and will keep him round 16 this year.

HERE’S THE RUB! I can keep either Michael Thomas round 17 (!!!) or Demarco Murray round 5???

Need input, I’m at a fantasy impasse.


If you mean Michael Thomas, then I would definitely keep him round 17. That’s a no brainer for me. Especially already having DJ and the idea that you will be able to get another RB or WR in round 1.


Right, gotta be. Season hasn’t even started yet and here I am stinker tinker.


You’re going to be the reason the rules change to ADP instead of one round earlier every year for keepers. Honestly, without a career ending injury I don’t think this is a question you have to think about for the next five years


Yeah DJ and MT for sure.


I’m going to pretend that you’re asking about Duke Johnson (only because keeping David Johnson for round 16 isn’t even a question)

With that in mind, Michael Thomas for sure, which leaves us with Murray for a 5th or Duke Johnson for a 16th. That is certainly a deal for Murray, but I can’t say that I’m not intrigued by the other DJ this year. All reports are that he’s going to be catching in the slot all season. Between that and the goal line carries he’s taken from Crowell, Duke Johnson is someone to pay attention to.

Even after all that, I’m still keeping Murray for the 5th.


Yeah it’s David, not Duke. That wasn’t in the question, I’d have to have 100% no idea what I’m doing to pass up David Johnson in the 16th lol


I figured as much, and I’d hate to change the subject in your post, but I am interested to hear everyone’s opinion on Duke Johnson this year.

I was pretty high on Crowell a few weeks ago, but I’ve heard enough talk about Duke in recent reports that I’m wondering which I like better - Crow as an RB2 or wait for Duke as an RB3/4.


Crowell’s gonna be the man imo. The team’s a mess but I feel like he’ll out perform for goal line carries and will crest 200 touches this year. Not sure what his YPC will look like but the volume will be there, and as you said Duke will be playing more slot roles. Just not sure the offense has the volume to justify Duke in any starting position right now. Maybe if there’s an injury there will be more upside but they’re capped as a team because volume has been so low.


Well, think about why you would move an RB to a slot WR role. To me that means you have a play maker, but you won’t put him in over Crowell. First and most important point, this solidifies the Crowbar as a bell cow. Second, it is a vote of confidence in Duke, they want him on the field.

Being a WR isn’t actually that hard compared to other positions. In addition, the Browns have a large WR roster right now, but they all kinda suck. The only 2 guys that do have talent are bigger guys without much speed. I honestly can’t see anyone on this roster that can compete with Duke in the slot role.

I’d say Duke is definitely worth the draft spot as a flier.


He wasn’t talking about Duke Johnson. He was saying in his post he is for sure keeping David Johnson as his 16th round pick and was asking about Michael Thomas and Demarco Murray.


@dabballfool, Oh someone didn’t read all the comments! @AdamRich84 asked about Duke.


@Guinness I agree completely. I’ve always liked Crowell, but with this new Duke development I am interested. I just can’t stand the idea of drafting any two players in Cleveland.


I mean I tend to agree, but you never know. I will also add the the Browns usually only go 3 WR (when Duke would be on the field), in the shotgun. Last year they were in the shotgun 701 out of 983 snaps, 71%. He may lead the team in receptions, and maybe yards.


That’s some great information @Guinness, thanks! Where do you go to find stats like that? I’d love to dive deeper into situational stats.


My leagues are is ESPN, so I full fantasy data from there, and NFL play data from https://www.pro-football-reference.com. The have some amazing statistics.


Hundred percent Thomas. You can have him and DJ for next ten years. Damn that’s nice


Definitely Thomas. Honestly, is choose him over Murray if they were the same pick cost. 12 round difference makes this easy.