2 Keeper question

I can keep 2 in a 10 team PPR. My potential keepers are
Gurley 1st
OBJ 2nd
Kupp 8th
A. Jones 12th

Was thinking of going with the value of Kupp/Jones who are both rated top 20 at their positions and going in the 3rd-5th. Knowing my league and the other players most likely being kept, I can gamble that I’ll be able to redraft OBJ or definitely another equivalent WR in the 1st and another top WR in the 2nd. Thoughts?

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I’m all for that plan, I’d probably do the same thing.

The value on Jones and Kupp is too high to pass up when you can likely get Beckham and Gurley back as your first two picks anyway.

Smart playing right here.

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