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2 keeper questions


2 keeper questions for ya

6 point passing td’s, 2 qb league, 1 point ppr, 12 teams
Do you keep Kirk cousins and give up an 8th rd pick
or keep Brandon cooks and give up a 4th rd pick?

other one is a bit tricky

12 teams, 1 point ppr, .25 point per rb carry, can start 2 qbs.

  • must keep at least 3, can keep a max of 6. if you keep 4 you lose your first rd pick, 5 first/second rd picks, 6 first-third rd picks.
    -Must start 1 qb, 2 rbs, 2 wr/te, 1 def, 1 kicker, 3 flex (1 flex can be a qb)
  • I’m keeping Hilton, Luck, Brees, Shady
  • I’m picking 11th in every round, linear draft.

Do you keep any of the following, Gillislee, Rob Kelley, Golden Tate, Jordan Reed.

Right now I’m leaning towards Gillislee and Kelley. Reed is off my radar due to last year’s performance and his injury history. Tate is the safest of the four but worried about the Rookie WR Detroit has gotten and Tate’s ability to disappear when Marvin Jones comes into play.

Gillislee is the riskiest play in my opinion, it is NE after all. But I’m thinking I’ll stretch a bit early and grab burkhead to handcuff. One of those two should be the lead rb in NE right?..

May sound crazy, but I love Kelley this year. doesn’t get enough respect from last season. finished as a top 18 RB in 5 of his 8 starts. And unless The painbot can make some big moves, I don’t see him being a factor this season.

So what do any of you think? Am I crazy for going with Gillislee and Kelley? Should I go Tate and one of the RB’s.


1st question is alittle tougher to me…
With a 2QB league it makes me lean towards cousins in the 8th… But it also being PPR cooks is a gonna be awesome in PPR I think…
I think it really comes down to what you think other owners are gonna do… If you think WR is going to be harder or QB is going to be harder to draft then go with the position that has more scarcity… If I had to choose id go Cousins… But neither is bad IMO

I love Kelly as well… I’d just add Kelly… I don’t think it’s worth it to add gillislee and lose your 3rd round as well… Just take Hilton,luck, brees, shady and Kelly and lose your two rounds and draft a good WR in the 3rd round and your set!


thank you very much on the reply.

I think I have a better chance of getting cousins back in the draft albeit at probably an earlier round, but I think there’s more value with cooks. Especially if I can also get Brady (if he’s not kept).

As for Kelley, well keepers are due by Tuesday night. Unless I hear some changing news (Gilly is back at practice, running with the #1s) It’s Tate and Kelley right now. Tate moving back to the slot got me excited, he produces way more from there.

Thanks again.