2 Keepers Lamar/Murray/Hopkins/OBJ/Jacobs

I am in a 2QB PPR league, which also gives out bonuses for rushing, receiving, and passing yards. We have an auction draft system. I have two keepers and I am waiving back and forth on 2 possibilities. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Side note in this league the majority of QB’s are kept since and are usually way overpriced during the draft.

Draft price doesn’t come into play on the keepers (which is dumb) I get $200 for Auction no matter who I keep.

My first instinct is to keep Lamar/Hopkins

My second option is to keep the Lamar/Murray combo. WR field is pretty wide and I possibly could pick up Hopkins again. I have had Hopkins for the past 5 seasons so it is also hard to contemplate this.

Thanks in advance.

2 QB, the Lamar and Murray Combo looks really delicious and you wouldn’t have to worry about that position at all going into the dramatic while everyone else will scramble to do so.

The peace of mind on having 2 solid QBs for a couple years is very nice.

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Given your league type, Its Jackson and Murray here no question. Especially with the risk in Hopkins this year.