2 Keepers, no idea who to keep

Hey guys,

Have a league with 2 keepers, already keeping Nick Chubb for a 13th round pick, but can’t decide on my second Keeper. Full point PPR, 6 point Passing TD. Here are my other options.

Diggs for a 3rd
Watson for a 9th
Cohen for a 5th
Pettis for an 11th
Brieda for a 14th

I think I’m leaning towards Watson for the 9th, but really not sure.

Watson is a top 5 QB for fantasy this year, going in the 5-7th rounds. I deff like that move as you would essentially be all set at QB leaving you open to focus on drafting skill positions.

That said , the other one you could do is Brieda for a 14th. You basically lose nothing and gain a starting RB in a committee that could potentially come out as the better back

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Out of those options I’m going Breida in the 14th.

I’m thinking Watson. Just feels like the best value :thinking:, tough call. Diggs for a 3rd is probably at or above cost anyway. Pettis and Breida are decent, but I don’t think you run the risk of regretting Watson at that price.

Do you get 1 pt/10 yds rushing for QB? If so they I’m hanging onto Watson. Is this a PPR league. Diggs in the 3rd is too high as you can probably find better value. Cohen is going in the 5-7 in my PPR leagues so that is upper limits of value.

I’d go Watson

Watson for sure

I would say Watson for a 9th with the 6 points for passing TD. Breida would be okay but will be in committee to start with and has a history of getting dinged up. I think Diggs would be a reach in the 3rd. Cohen and Pettis should both be around in the respective rounds and have some questions about how the season will go.