2 leagues, 2 Runningback Questions

Hey guys! So I’m having issues with who to start at running back in both of my leagues. 1/2 ppr for both…

First league, I have Christian McCaffrey and cant decide between Royce Freeman, Alex Collins or Adrian Peterson for RB2. Freeman has the best matchup but hasn’t been used a whole lot this year. I have Hopkins and woods as my WR 1&2. Planning to put Ty Hilton in flex if he plays…

Second league I have David Johnson as RB1 against Denver and my options for RB2 are Phillip lindsey or Ito Smith. Right now i have a theilen, M Thomas and Golladwy as my WRs and flex, so flex isn’t really an option in that league.

Thanks guys!

I can answer your second question fairly easily, go with Lindsay. I am more or less in the same position as you in that scenario.

I’d be interested in other’s thoughts as well.

1st league go Royce Freeman for your RB2 vs the Cards who are the worst against the run.

2nd league i’d go Lindsey for the same reason as above, both guys for Denver should have solid weeks with the upside given the weak Cards run defense to post a big total if they can score a TD or 2.