2 Leagues, Tricky Flex Plays... interesting options

So I’m comfy in both my leagues, 7-1 in each… but the Patriots’ defense legitimately scares the hell out of me and I’m loaded on B-more guys in one league… in the other I’m matched up against a divisional opponent that could significantly affect my R1 bye in the playoffs if I lose to him…

So League 1, the one I’m concerned about the R1 bye:

QB Watson
RB McCaffrey
RB Melvin Gordon
WR Hopkins
WR Sutton*
TE Waller
FLEX Hunter Henry*
K Butker
DEF Patriots

WR/FLEX options:
Mike Williams
John Brown

  • = who I’ve got tentatively slotted in… but arguments could be made to replace

League 2: Playing my Brother-in-law for the 2nd week in a row because auto-schedule is glorious like that… we’re both stacked but I’ve got the Saints on BYE and the Ravens playing the damned Patriots so I don’t trust any of those starters… could be convinced otherwise I suppose… I particularly hate the Ty Johnson over Ingram play but that’s the respect I have for that defense… Like I said… BIL is stacked (Winston/Barkley/Elliott/Gordon/Adams/Robinson/Parker/Kittle)… it’s ok to throw this one considering the terrible matchups/bye week fall… but it’d be pretty sweet to beat him again :slight_smile:

QB: Minshew*
RB: Dalvin Cook
RB: Ty Johnson*
WR: Tyreek Hill
WR: Michael Gallup
WR: John Brown*
TE: Kelce
FLEX: Hunter Henry*
K: Folk
DEF: Patriots

QB/RB/WR/FLEX options:
Lamar Jackson
Mark Ingram
Hollywood Brown
(Michael Thomas and Kamara on bye :frowning: )