2 looking for Dynasty Startup

Hey all, a friend and I are both looking for a dynasty league to join. Preferably a 10-12 team league with a $25-$50 buy in. We’re both very active members. Thanks!

I am starting up a new Dynasty league this year. I am in another one that is going great and a second one sounds like fun. I listed below the full rules and regulations. Basics are 12 team league. $40 buy in. Active participation is a must. Rules are as follows: 12 Team. Roster QB(1), RB(2), WR(2), TE(1), RB/WR/TE (2), BN (7). Scoring is 0.5 PPR. All other scoring is Sleeper default. Platform is on Sleeper. Draft order is randomized. Draft is a slow draft. (That is the easiest to accommodate 12 people with busy lives) Slow draft
8/21 - 9/2 9AM to 9PM CST STOPS from 9P to 9A CST

9/3 @ 9 AM CST Switches to 4 hours STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

9/4 @ 2 PM CST Switches to 2 Hour STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

9/5 @ 9AM CST Switches to 3 minutes STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

Send me your sleeper IDs if you are interested.

Hi RokCotton. Would you consider adding a Super Flex spot in this league or adding a TE premium? 1QB dynasty are fun but the QB position gets so devalued, and we all know how devalued TEs can get in standard.

If so i know myself and 1 other person who are very active and would be interested.

To be frank I don’t like the SF league. I try to keep the scoring and lineups pretty traditional.

12 Team PPR Superflex. $50 buy-in ($100 year one). Auction style slow draft.

Let me know if you’re interested…

931-401-2016 / Trystalonicus@gmail.com