2 Looking to join .5/Full PPR redraft

Fiancee and I are looking to join a league for this year. We’re most familiar with 12 team PPR default leagues, but we’re open to trying something new (and not having to worry about kickers!). Free is fine, or money up to around $20-ish. Sleeper or ESPN preferred. I’m retropretzel on Sleeper, or you can just message me on here. Thanks in advance!

Sent invite on sleeper my 5th league filled up today, but I’m starting a 6th right now got about 9 interested right now

2 people needed. 12-man full PPR league. Draft is This Saturday @10AM CST. $20 buy in.

I’ll take an invite to that 6th league, if you’ve still got space. GrewVea on Sleeper