2 man Keeper League 10 team half ppr 6pt TD WHO TO KEEP?

2 man Keeper League, 10 team, half PPR, 6pt QB TD’s

Options for Keeper at their draft position the year before.

Kupp 4th RD
Rashaad Penny 12th RD
Deshaun Watson 12RD
Brandin Cooks 8th RD
Micheal Thomas 6th RD

How many do you get to keep?

If only get to keep 1, Kupp for a 4th rounder will be straight up armed robbery, since he will be going in the 1st round this year, imho.

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Sorry, 2 man Keeper

Got ya.

Still Kupp as a keeper. I would keep Penny for a 12th imho.

A case can be made for Watson for a 12th, however a pending suspension looming makes Penny slighly more attractive.

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Good deal.

Those were my thoughts as well on the players.

If DWat doesn’t get suspended, He could be a steal in the 12th.