2 Man Keeper League ( JT DOBBINS JEFFERSON?)

I plan to keep JT but don’t know who my second should be?

Dobbins 8.10 round
Jefferson 11.01 round
JT 5.01 round

Best left Rbs Ekeler, A jones, Mixon, CEH, N Harris
Best left Wrs Adams, Aj brown, MT, Dhopt

Feel like Jefferson is better but keeping dobbins is better in this situation

Jefferson for an 11th round pick is theft. I would keep JJ and hope to get another RB2.


Im torn. Thinking in this league I will need 3 very solid rbs.

Jonathan Taylor (IND - RB)Round #5

Justin Jefferson (MIN - WR)Round #11

Nick Chubb (CLE - RB)Round #4

George Kittle (SF - TE)Round #2

Derrick Henry (TEN - RB)Round #3

Stefon Diggs (BUF - WR)Round #6

Tyreek Hill (KC - WR)Round #2

Alvin Kamara (NO - RB)Round #1

Saquon Barkley (NYG - RB)Round #1

J.K. Dobbins (BAL - RB)Round #8

Kyler Murray (ARI - QB)Round #8

Antonio Gibson (WAS - RB)Round #11

Cam Akers (LAR - RB)Round #7

Ezekiel Elliott (DAL - RB)Round #1

Christian McCaffrey (CAR - RB)Round #1

Travis Kelce (KC - TE)Round #2

D.K. Metcalf (SEA - WR)Round #5

Calvin Ridley (ATL - WR)Round #6

Dalvin Cook (MIN - RB)Round #1

Darren Waller (LV - TE)Round #8

Those are the keepers. Hardly any rbs left. I feel like Ekeler WR WR JT DOBBINS is better than Ekeler RB (carson, swift, jacobs) WR( Allen, Arob, mclaurin) JT Jefferson

That makes sense, especially if all the relevant RBs are being kept


It is tough to pass on Jefferson so late but your thoughts on RB are solid. It is much easier finding WR. If you know others are holding the upper end RBs, it makes sense keeping JT / Dobbins.

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When is your first pick?

1st overall

I love Dobbins, but the only reason I’d prefer going JT, Jefferson then drafting Eckler first is because Lamar is going to steal TDS and Gus Edwards was given a 2 year extension. This would also balance your team so you don’t have to take WR with your next pick and could draft best available. Honestly Dobbins would probably have a decent chance to comeback to you.


I just traded Jefferson and picks

getting Chubb @ 4.10, 5.02, and 7.02
Jefferson @ 11.1, 6.10, and 9.1

Best Rbs left after keepers are Jones, mixon, Harris, CEH
Best Wrs left after keepers are Adams, Brown, MT, Allen


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Do you mean AJ Brown? If so, that trade is great for you while sitting on the 1.01.

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yupp, so now have chubb at 4.10 JT at 5.1 and still have the 5.02 pick

Also, just traded up in the second and back in the 3rd so pick
2.03 RB
4.10 chubb
5.01 JT
5.02 WR

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I’d look at the board as opposed to strict positions 2.03/3.08 obviously, but it looks like your team should shape up nicely while having great core pieces already in place.

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