2 man Keeper Selection troubles

Ok, I am in a 2 man keeper league with a 2 year keeper limit. Thoughts on who I should keep of my semi-stacked lineup from last years championship team?
QB-Lamar Jackson (Drafted 2019)
RB1- James Conner (Drafted 2019)
RB2-Mile Sanders (Drafted 2019)
WR1- Tyreek Hill (Drafted 2018)
WR2-Stephon Diggs (Drafted 2019)
BE-Dalvin Cook (Drafted 2017)
BE-Chris Godwin (Drafted 2019)
BE-Emmanuel Sanders (Drafted 2019)

I cannot keep Cook another year so what would you do in this situation?
I’m thinking keeping Lamar and Hill or Lamar and Godwin. I draft 12th this year so i will definitely lose out on whomever i drop.

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I’d go Lamar and Hill here, I personally think Tampa bay is too hyped in general and that offense may not be as explosive as people think. Honestly its about the known here, and I KNOW that Hill has the best quarterback in the game with arguably the best offense as well, while I’ve never seen Godwin catch a Brady pass, so I just don’t know how the year is going to go

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What is your starting lineup requirement?

Is there a round penalty?

If you cannot keep Cook, can you trade him to another team for a draft pick?

I personally would keep Lamar and Sanders. Godwin and Tyreek would be in consideration, but I’d prefer to lock up the stud RB. Godwin has an unknown this year with a new QB, and Hill is too inconsistent for me to want to keep. Yes his boom weeks are great and will end up the season as a likely top 10 guy but week to week I would want more consistency

Line up is as follows:
(1) WR/TE

There is no penalty and i have tried to trade cook for a draft pick but due to my having to draft 12 this year, not many are moving on a RB that hasn’t signed a deal and has a history of getting hurt by the end of the season.

That B-nanans. Cook is gonna play and injury history doesn’t matter. What are you asking for? Because you can’t keep him, you have no leverage to get a high pick. But I would think someone would throw a mid to late round pick you’re way for a chance at Cook :thinking: