2 man Keeper Selection

Ta Ta Taday Ballerz, Time is running out on my keeper selection. I’ve been holding out on selecting keepers due to news of a player and his injury headlines. I’m looking for advice as to keep Raheem Mostert vs Lamar Jackson, to go along with my 100% selection of Tyreek Hill. Do I burn my keeper on a QB or do I take the long shot of Mostert and go for a RB1 with my first pick @ 5th spot.

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Jackson has the higher ADP, so from a strict draft value standpoint, he’s the choice. But I tend to value QBs about as much as I value Ks and Ds, since there are so many of them available (in single QB leagues), and other than the top 5-6, the next 7-17 are all functionally equivalent anyway.

Granted, Jackson MIGHT be one of those top 5-6, but if the Dobbins’ truthers are right and the Ravens want to give him more of Jackson’s carries, then I wouldn’t want to be starting Jackson for his passing abilities.

So I’m probly keeping Mostert.