2 More slots being added to draft. Does that push back Kicker and Defense

Hey Footclan,

My league is expanding from 15 to 17 slots this year, 12 team 1/2 PPR. I’m wondering if that means kicker and defense get pushed back 2 more rounds. I figured yes with Defense, but I am on the fence for Kicker. I feel that there is definitely a tier for kickers and then its shaky. Should I draft Kicker 14 like normal or wait till 16-17?

I like to pick a good D/ST a round or two early. The patriots D/ST won me weeks last year. The flyers I’m picking up in those later rounds will usually still be there in the 15th or 16th.

I never draft a kicker or DEF, 2 extra dart throws during camp then drop what I need to and stream week by week.

So these are the two basic arguments I guess. Do I pick a Will Lutz up in the 13th or do I gamble with some dart throws and get someone random come the 16th round.

Thanks for the input.