2 more spots 12 team start up dynasty

AMR Bowl

Dynasty, 12 team, Super Flex, PPR

10 Starters, 17 Bench

Total: $50; $25 for 2022 & $25 advance for 2023, Leaguesafe

Startup Draft (Veterans only)
Following the vet draft,
a separate (Rookie only) draft
Separate Rookie Draft
Draft 4hr Slow

This is a meant to be a most active league as possible “Dynasty doesn’t stop” The whole purpose of this league is finding knowledgeable players who are active. This is the best time of the year to find the consistently all year long active owners, that is the intention. So if your not active, don’t bother to join.

General Setup

12 Teams - No divisions

No IDP, no Defense, no kickers

33 Man Rosters, counting 3 IR Spots and 3 man Taxi Squad after the Rookie draft

Starts 10- 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 Flex (RB/WR/TE) & 1 Super Flex (QB, RB, WR, TE).

Passing TDs 6 points, all other TDs 6 points, 1 PPR

League Finances

Annual League Fee: $25

Year 1 Amount: $50 Two Seasons )

Payments must be made before the rookie draft each year

All League Finances are handled on LeagueSafe with league vote option.


Total Pot: $300

League Champion - $250

League Runner Up- $50

Owners are expected to respond to messages in a timely manner. I know we all have a life and noone is expected to be on 24/7 but this league is set up for the highly active guys.

Tanking will be monitored by using potential points to determine draft standings and thereby draft order

Starting an injured player or a player on a Bye Week is not allowed

Starting an intentionally weaker line-up (i.e. starting RB23 with a tough matchup over RB10 with an easy matchup) is not allowed.

Replacement Owners

In the event an owner drops out or is removed in-season, the commissioner will make every attempt to replace that owner as soon as possible. If the commissioner cannot find someone to manage the team, the commissioner will take control of the abandoned team and use FantasyPros consensus rankings to fill a weekly line-up. The commissioner will not make any transactions unless it is necessary to fill a line-up.

Waivers and Blind Bidding

All add/drop transactions will be done using a Blind Bidding system. Owners will be provided with a $200 FAAB budget during the off season, and a $200 FAAB budget during the regular season. Once the league rolls over to the next year (the week after the super bowl) and will run daily. FAAB can be traded. There is no rollover of excess budget.

During the regular season, players can be added without running thru waivers after waivers have been run on Tuesday. Players will have to be added thru waivers after there games has begun each week.

Schedule and Playoffs

The Regular Season will be played from Week 1 to Week 14 with one game against each league opponent.

The Playoffs will be played from Week 15 to Week 17 with the top 6 ranked teams from the regular season.

Regular season standings are determined by the following:

  1. Season Record

  2. Total Points Scored (if tied)


Trade deadline will be week 13

All trades will be automatically processed and each owner will have 100% freedom to run their teams the way they see fit. However, if collusion is suspected, owners should alert the commissioner who will decide on whether the accusation is legitimate, taking into consideration input from uninvolved owners.

In a very rare case where a trade is so lopsided that it threatens the integrity of the league, the commissioner reserves the right to take action.

Future Draft Picks

Future draft picks may be traded up to the year that has been paid on league safe.

Trade Deadline

Week 13 will be the trade deadline for each season.

Start-Up Draft

The start-up draft will be a 27 round slow draft.

The draft order will be randomly generated and done derby style. If you are picked 1st then you get to pick which postiom you want 1-12. 2nd then picks there position and so on.

The inaugural draft will be a slow draft with a continuous 2 hour timer and adjusted times until draft end. We can vote on decreasing the clock to 2 hours or even shorter as we get closer to the end of the draft (will have to be a majority vote)

Start up Rookie draft

One time only this year it will be a snake draft order. Your rookie pick will be the opposite of your vet only pick. Example: you pick first in the veteran draft, you pick 12th in the rookie draft, then the 2nd round will snake, giving you the first pick of the second round. If you pick 12th for the startup veteran draft, you pick first in the rookie draft, second round will snake giving you the 2.12 vi-versa.
Trading Rookie pics during the veteran start up draft- your 2024 rookie picks will represent your 2022 rookie picks unless announced differently on the board. Keep in mind, if you trade an actual 2024 pick, you must pay your 2024 entry fee. Following the veteran draft, you will swap the 2024 picks that represent your 2022 picks for the actual 2022 picks.

Rookie Draft

The draft order for all future rookie draft will be determined as follows:

Picks 1-3 The lowest 3 scoring teams that did not make the playoff according to max pf will have a lottery to draw for the 1st 3 spots.

Picks 4-6: Will have a separate lottery to determine these picks based on the remaining teams who missed the playoffs.

Picks 7-10: Play-off teams that didn’t reach the Super Bowl will be arranged in reverse order of Max PF standings

Pick 11: League Runner Up

Pick 12: Super Bowl champion

Best Interests Clause

All decisions will be made with the best interest of the league in mind and disagreements will be settled with a league vote. In the event of a tie commissioner will break the tie.