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2 of 3 Wide Receiver help please


Need to play 2 of these Wide receivers in half point PPR

Tyrell Williams
Sammy Watkins???

Any advice is appreciated


I like Alshon and Watkins here


Thats what i thought but even with watkins drawing Norman? He blanketed Alshon last week


I wouldn’t worry about it, I think Watkins has potential to have a good game as opposed to Williams


I believe I would go Jeffery and Tyrell. Just hard for me to trust Watkins until we see it, and as you mentioned he will have Norman on him today


Williams is a bit underrated IMO


I agree with wanting to see what Watkins does first but idk I just have the trust in him but thats just my opinion.


i wish we knew what Miami’s defense looked like


It is a juicy matchup for both Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams. Williams had a solid night against DEN last Monday night with 7 targets as opposed to Allen’s 10. Rivers does trust him


That being said I do agree with @Ry47 that Watkins has the potential for a big game, he has the talent to go off at any time. We’ve also seen Williams put up big games as well, even if it was with Keenan Allen injured. He had 5 catches for 125 yds and a TD against this same Dolphins secondary last season


Yeah this is a hard choice honestly


I’d say I agree with @JPlum_3 on this one, the safer bet would be also and Tyrell. But like he also said Watkins has big game potential. But it’s just too soon too tell if he’s going to do anything