2 orphan spots open

Have 2 orphan teams to fill dynasty league.

$25 buy in using league safe

What platform? What are the scoring settings/roster makeup?

Sleeper ,PPR and I can email you both teams so you can see if you want either one.

Team one


Team 2

is it QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex, TE, DEF, KICKER? I’m liking team 3. Let me know all the details to the league please. albeam1869@ymail.com. Will give you my number in emails, not here in open forum so we can chat.

No kicker or defense just 2 extra flex spots

Team 3 has been spoken for so I have 8 available and I have another team 7 available

whats does team 7 look like and do they all have thier 2020 picks?

Yes they have all of there picks