#2 overall pick...DJ or Bell?

Half point PPR redraft. Draft is tomorrow morning and I have #2 overall pick. I’m torn, I think Gurley is going 1 and I realize you can’t go wrong with Bell or DJ. Two years ago I rode DJ to a second place finish so he has a small place in my heart but I’ve never had the opportunity to draft Bell so that’s enticing. Opinions welcome…thanks!

I am currently having this exact discussion. Was all aboard the Bell train but starting to fear this drama of late… starting to think DJ might be the safer pick

My rankings are as follows:

Bell > DJ > Zeke > Gurley.

I am in the minority. If bell is there, I will always take him 1st. Just a matter of consistency for me and he probably sees like close to 450 touches this year. And without Haley, I think his TD upside and goal line usage goes up.

I firmly believe the first tier is Gurly and Bell – don’t look beyond that or try to get cute. If #1 takes Gurly, you take Bell. If #1 takes Bell, you take Gurly.

The Bell narrative is being blown way out of proportion. Don’t let it sway your logic.