2 pick in 0.5PPR Superflex Dynasty

Trying to figure who to go with at 2 in my startup dynasty draft for a 0.5 per super flex league. Do I go RB with Saquan or Zeke if Saquan goes 1? Should I go QB with Mahomes? Or maybe even WR with Hopkins? Thinking QB and WR gives me more longevity for the dynasty aspect, but QB is more valuable with super flex.

I think with 2nd overall I would have to take a rb. I think if you were at the back of the 1st then maybe Mahomes would be an option, but I would take saquon at 2 and Elliot if barkley goes 1, which is likely. If you would rather take mahomes or Hopkins, u can trade down and try to get some additional picks or swaps in other rounds.

Thinking about trading down… something like swap 1st and 2nd round picks, then I receive a 5th round. Thoughts?