2 player keeper league

Non PPR keeper league (no penalties for keepers). I have Dalvin Cook, Dam Williams, Ertz, Keenan Allen and Adam Theilan. I am leaning towards keeping Cook and Williams but am unsure about Williams. Who should I keep?

I was also offered Antonio Brown or Fournette straight up for my first round pick. Should I consider it? Since this is a 2 keeper league, the talent pool that is left is not at their level.

Stay away from Fournette, he’s a tough back but too many injuries. AB has a new QB and offense so I would prefer to take a chance elsewhere. I like staying with some solid RBs in non PPR, so Cook and Williams I think are good. You could go Cook and Ertz if Williams makes you nervous.

Do you get to see everyone’s keepers before the draft? What draft pick do you have in the first round? For your keepers, Cook is a must keep and the rest is just personal preference. They’re all around the same ADP. I wouldn’t be interested in the trade for AB unless you had a really late 1st round pick you were trading for him.

WE have to have our keepers selected by July 31. I will know who is kept after that. I was a playoff team so my pick will be between 7 and 12. I think both AB and Fournette will be better than everyone I project to still be available. I project the best available guys will be James Conner, Juju, Mike Evens, Derrick Henry, TY Hilton, Amari Cooper, Keenan Allen, Adam Theilan, Marlon Mack, Travis Kelce, Ertz, Aaron Jones, Ker. Johnson.