2-QB, 2-Keeper league drafting advice wanted

Here’s my situation : I’m keeping David Johnson & Russell Wilson. I have first pick in the draft. I’m looking mainly between these three for my pick (in no order):
Mike Thomas
I go back & forth with which to pick.
Who would you choose, & why?
With a two-keeper league, you can assume most of the other usual suspects are already keepers, too.

I feel like Barkley has the most upside out of who you named. And you can also keep him for the next 6 years. Also he’ll be the biggest trade bait out of the names you mentioned.

You’d also have two nice RBs and can come back with your back to back picks and get the best WR there.

As much as I love Kamara I would go with Saquon. There is no debate as to what his role will be in NY. He’s the man. Down in NO it’s unclear what Kamara’s role will be once Ingram is back

I started to think Saquon, too. Only downside for me is that he & DJ have the same bye week (9).

That, & this little injury he picked up last week.

I have another week before draft day, so that’ll help.

Thanks for the advice, guys.

As long as Wilson isn’t on bye week 9 and you don’t go over board with bye week 9 you’ll be good. I mean if so you could go all bye week 9 and just know your taking an L that one week :joy:

Lol yeah that would be a strategy I haven’t tried in my 6-year FFB history!

Just load up on bye week 9 :joy::joy::joy:

Totally disagree with the point about Kamara. Kamara’s role is clear. He is going to lead the backfield. In the 2nd half of last year, it already tipped in his favor. Once Kamara really came online, Ingram exceeded 12 carries only once (14) from week 11 onwards. In the playoffs. The split for touches shifted to Kamara getting majority of touches over ingram.

Having said that, I’m taking Saquon. I have Saquon ranked 1 spot above kamara in redraft, and 2-3 slots above kamara in keeper/dynasty formats. If Saquon lives up to be what we all think he can be, which is DJ on the upside, the value of having DJ and Saquon as your keepers is going to be unmatched.

That’s pretty much where my thinking is at the moment, too. The other caveat is that Barkley will not be getting another powerful back that he has to share downs with similar to the likes of the pair in New Orleans (once ingram comes back), so there is no real competition for downs in NY.

I am not going to get much more news on Saquon this week as he is likely not playing again for the rest of the pre-season, so I will just do what we all do - keep researching, keep up on any updates.

Thanks again.

@MikeMeUpp Is his role clear though? Payton is already saying that Williams will be the early down back while Ingram is out.

His role is pretty clear. Targets are worth more than carries in fantasy. That’s just a fact. You expeting williams to steal targets from Kamara? Are you expecting a less talented williams to get more carries than Ingram did last year? Are you expecting Kamara to get less work than he did last year? The answer to all of the above is no to me. Do I expect Kamara to get 350 touches? No. Do I expect him to be more efficient than last year? No. But do I think he’ll get more volume than last year. Almost certainly.

He was an RB1 and he didn’t even start playing until 1/3 through the season. So no, I’m not worried about Jonathan Williams, who was drafted in the 5th round, who has a career 27 touches for 94 yards to reduce Kamara’s workload from what it was last year.