2 QB Auction League Strategy

So I’ve decided I want to actually have a strategy this year for my auction. I always tend to buy the top 2 QBs, and it has worked 1 year but then failed this last year (rodgers). League is standard scoring $200 budget. Usually the top 2 Qbs go for around $40 each which is a steal compared to custom auction values. However they taper off pretty quickly (top 2 around 40, next 2 around 30, then by the 7th or 8th they are down to $15).The top value RBs and WRs go in the 50s and 60s and taper pretty evenly. Is the best strategy still to pay up for QBs? My initial strategy is to grab 2 out of the best 4 or 5 qbs, then build the rest of my team up with low end 1s/high end 2s that will be a lot cheaper than the studs. I’ve also considered paying up for a low end RB and WR 1 and then filling the other spots with fliers. Let me know.