2 qb dynasty

Should I trade Matt Ryan for Baker Mayfield

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I think in 2qb dynasty you can make this trade. It doesn’t feel amazing and Ryan probably scores more fantasy points for next couple seasons but in Mayfield you should be locking in longer solid production. I’m fine with it as I think it’s a trade offer you won’t see many more times in the future.


I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird (what up, Bird!)

I’m a CLE fan but that aside, I think this is good for you. I’m expecting Baker to be more 2nd half of the season moving forward. I think Stefanski is like the 5th OC he’s had since joining the Browns and he figured out the system. As well, Stefanski is figuring out Baker. That second half of the season was great and it included 3 horrible weather games.

Do not get this twisted: I am not saying Baker will be the QB1 likely ever, but I think he should be giving solid top 12 finishes for years to come. I see him as a low-end 1/high-end 2 and in 2QB that’s big.

Ryan I like but I feel his timer is winding down. I know everyone is still hyped on ATL but IMHO Julio leaving will hurt him. I love Ridley and I know he’s done well with/out Julio on the field, but he created a big hole with the departure. On top of that I do not see Ryan playing into his 40s.

If you could pivot to a younger and likely more upside QB like Baker I absolutely would. Like Bird says, it’s not about just these next couple years, but the next 10 years. Baker won’t be so easy to get after this season IMHO.

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