2 QB Full PPR 6 Point TD League question

Since we’re all footballers fans I know we all ascribe to the “draft your QB late” methodology. When do you look to draft your first QB in a 2QB league? Deep benches in this league so you can really only stream from your bench.

In a 2 QB league with 6 points for TD leagues with deep benches, I would start looking at the top 4-5 stud QBs in the 2nd round.

Idk I feel second round is pretty high up for one of the top guys, (keep in mind this is also a 4 man keeper league, so it starts at the top of round 5) would you consider keeping Baker Mayfield over Kerryon?

I would absolutely keep Baker over Kerryon in this format. Who are your other keepers? I see Baker as a top 5 QB this year, and a league like this with 2 QBs, 6 points for passing TDs, and keepers, you want a stud QB, especially if there are deep benches and no streamable QBs sitting on the waiver wire.

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My current keepers are
Devonta Freeman
Marlon Mack
Kerryon Johnson
Amari Cooper

Other considerations are
Jarvis Landry
Baker Mayfield
Philip Lindsay
Mitch Trubisky
Mark Ingram

I have the second pick in this years draft.

Baker is a must keep. I would keep him over all four of your current keepers in a 2QB league.

If everyone has to keep 4 and you have the 2nd pick in the draft, I would keep Freeman, Mack, Cooper and Baker. Then, with your first pick grab the best WR or RB available, unless for some crazy reason Mahomes, Luck or Rodgers is sitting there.

Depends on your comfort level. You just have to rank who the last QB you’re comfortable starting would be. And make sure you grab one more before them.

That’s highly unlikely. In a 2QB league, the top 1-2 QBs should and probably will be taken in the 1st round. Mahomes probably goes mid to late 1st. And some combo of Luck/Baker/Rodgers to follow in the late 1st / early second. I am assuming this is dynasty of course where age matters. QBs just have a much longer shelf life than skilled positions and locking down someone like Mahomes who scores 600+ points a season is pretty damn valuable.

Personally I don’t like taking QBs in the 1st 2 rounds so I typically end up taking a risk on later guys by taking my first QB in the 6th-8th round. That’s where you get low end QB1s / high end QBs and other guys you can take a risk on. Last year, that is around when Mahomes got drafted. This year, that is probably where Murray would go.

Thanks for all the input guys! Much love :fist: