2 QB Keeper League...NEED HELP

2 QB Keeper league. Distance scoring, no ppr. 10 team.
Should I keep ARod, Prescott, A Brown?
I possibly could trade Arod for Bell and Connor or Brown for A Cooper.
If I trade ARod, who would I not keep?

Whoever finishes previous year in 3rd place gets first pick next year draft. I ended up getting 3rd pick this year. We randomly draw names for draft order every year…ugghh

How many keepers do you get?

Yes, trade Roders for Bell and Conner.

Yes, trade Brown for Amari Cooper.


who would I not keep then? Bell, Connor, Prescott, Cooper?

Don’t keep Dak.

So, the guy now wants to trade ARod for Bell or Connor and OBJ. So what about that one?


Bell/Conner is all personal preference, take whoever you like more.

Dang dude though for real, you’re making out like a bandit on that one. Can I join your league?