2 QB keeper

10 team .5ppr 2 QB 1 keeper (drafted round) league. I was 100% sure who I was going to keep this year - Dalvin Cook in the 2nd. Now I’m not sure and I’m tilting like crazy. Someone help me out. I have the 1.01 and CMC is back on the board this year. With all of that in mind here are my options:

Adams or Zeke - rd 1 (would end up being the 1.01…not ideal)
Cook - rd 2
Amari Cooper - rd 4
Kupp - rd 5
Brees - rd 8
Andrews - rd 12

Please help!

I’d probably just go Andrews. You got your TE position locked up with a bottom pick. Can’t go wrong with that.

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Andrews in the 12th.