2 QB league 1st pick

In a 2QB 1/2ppr league. 1st pick and 5-8 QBs will get taken in first two rounds, 15-17 by my pick in 4th round. Do I take Mahomes first, wait until 2/3 turn for my first QB, or double dip at 4/5 and get 2 top 10 RBs and a top WR?

4 or 6 pt passing TD’s?

4 points per pass TD

Try and swap 1st and 2nd round picks with pick 3 or 4. Take Mahomes then or if he goes in the first couple take one of the RB’s. probably not worth the 1. Close

I would take Barkley at 1, then take a qb with your 2 or 3 and then another one with your 4 or 5

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I am with @JarekF21 on this. Assuming it is a dynasty league, grab Barkley at the one and look for a QB or best available at the 2/3 turn. Normally I would say wait until 4/5 for a QB, but as one who just did a 2QB league and waited too long, I would feel much better if I had at least one top 12 QB. I would let the 2nd one slide a bit but make sure you end up with 3 of them.

Obviously feel out your draft to make sure you are not jumping too soon. But remember your league settings will help out QBs like Trubisky / Allen / Jackson since they do run some, but they are not seen as ''top end" QBs. Those guys are really strong QB2s for you.

Just my thoughts.

I’d take Barkley at 1 but honestly, wouldn’t argue with you if you wanted to take Mahomes at 1. Just did a startup where Mahomes went 1st. You’re getting 2-3x the longevity for a QB vs RB. And in a 2QB vs SF which is what I played, pushes it up even higher.