2 QB league 2 Keepers

Need help choosing two keepers. League just got switched to 2 QB league and it’s 2 QB league.

Dak Prescott (10th round)
Jalen Hurts (14th round)
Darrell Henderson (13th round)

Tempted to just keep both QBs but Henderson feels like a huge value.

What do you guys and gals think?

I’d go Prescott and Henderson. Hurts might be a value there but he’s a huge risk with so many unknowns on that team and a nonexistent o-line. That’s from someone who lives in Philly, my faith in the eagles’ fantasy value is very low this year

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I’d keep the QBs. Potentially two QB1s. Sure Hurts is a risk, but it’s not like Henderson has flashed much. In my 2 QB league someone always takes a QB around the 1.04 and then they start flying off the board. You’d be in a position to grab elite RBs or WRs in the first two rounds while everyone else is scrambling for QBs.

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Very good points! Much appreciated :+1:

Thanks for the feedback!