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2 QB League - Andy Dalton Panic


In a 2 QB league, and my starting quarterbacks are Dak and Dalton with Smokin’ Jay on the bench. Dalton has a cumulative -2.8 points after two games and I’m starting to really question his value long term. Looking for guidance. Does he turn it around and produce at the level we were somewhat expecting, or is his O-Line so bad that this is what we’re going to be seeing for 14 more weeks?


Really seems like the ship is sinking. But they did play what we think are two good defenses in less than a week so there’s reason to give pause.

The schedule might lighten up but it’s back to back road games at GB and at Cleveland.

New OC is Lazor and he had mixed results as Miami’s OC with Tannenhill at QB.

My original thought when they lost key starters on the O-line was that they would stink up the joint but many analysts said there was no need to worry but it doesn’t look good.

Hopefully you can stash Andy and hope that Smokin Jay Cutty will be serviceable with the jets, NO, Titans, ATL, jets as his upcoming schedule.


I have him in a few leagues as well. He did face two games against good defense, elite pass rushing, but the schedule will get a lot easier the rest of the season. It did get better the second game, slightly, not enough to make much of a difference. He did not produce, but did not botch it up with interceptions.
Though I am not panicking just yet. I’ve had him benched, and will keep him there for another week, maybe two depending on how the next game goes, as long as there is improvement still.
He has potential, but I’m not giving up yet even though one of the most important things is that O-line, and hopefully they get it together. I’m not recommending that you hold onto him, I don’t blame you if you drop him.
I am being VERY patient, and have a little hope that things will turn around.


With so many years of solid production I’d have to think he turns it around. They fired their OC and hopefully the new one utilizes Mixon more. If Dalton can figure out his accuracy, the weapons of Green, Mixon for check downs and Eifert should allow him to be productive. Wouldn’t drop him just yet.