2 QB league. Looking for 8 people

Hosting a 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2FLEX league on Yahoo with no kicker or defense. 6 pts for passing TD, -3 pts for interception. Full PPR. Drop your email if you want an invite. First come first serve, looking for 8 people. Wanting to draft on Wednesday or Thursday.

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Yes, co not com.

I’m in for sure. koster_jordan@hotmail.com
What’s the buy in?

i’m interested, i’m better available on wednesdays, and i like auction if possible

No buy in. Also this will be a snake draft

only two teams signed in so far. Draft tomorrow night.

I’ve actually moved the draft to next Wednesday already. Ha I g a lot of trouble finding people on here and other forums. Sent out about 9 emails. 2 have joined but one backed out already

“I g a lot of trouble finding people on here” C’mon #footclan!

I wonder if it’s just timing or maybe the clan is too serious for a fun league.

I’m down dc_fink13@hotmail.com