2 QB League Need QB Help! Help! Help!

MY QBs suck! I have Jamis Winston , Cam and Kirk Cousins as my QBs. Waiver wire is looking a bit thin with Derek Carr, Kyler Murrey and Josh Allen available. Should I give up on Cam and Jamis and pick up Derak and Kyler?? Kyler and Josh for the upside? Which three should I roster? Help me please!!!

Reason for each ofthem

Cam- Hes Cam and should be able to get rushing TDs. Except for last night…

Jameis- Two good WR and a tightend. Arians QB should put up numbers

Kirk Cousins- Two good WR. In a rushing offense now- probably need to drop him

Derek Carr- New system, looks promising, Walrus and T William look legit as pass catchers and has a good running game . I’m a raiders fan and have season tickets so I get to watch him play.

Kyler Murrey- Not sure yet- Good running game with Johnson to take pressure off him. Had 1.5 magical quarters of play.

Josh Allen- Upside- has some quick receivers- running game getting better- was a top QB last couple of games last year.