2 QB league question

I am in a home league with 8 team, Full PPR, 2 QB. I normally punt the QB position, but my league mates draft QBs way too high. Should I follow their lead, or wait on QB??? Thanks FootClan

in an 8 team, it is a whole lot easier to punt with a 2 QB league. in 2QB leagues, you have to have at least 3 QBs to compete every week. thats 24 QBs for everyone to have 3, 32 for everyone to have 4. that means you can still punt and still have options. but, you dont want to have the bottom of the barrel still. i would say once everyone is getting their second QB, thats when i would go after my 1st. im fine with having 3 guys in the 15-25 range, so long as i have some guys that have potential to be much more than that. now if this was a 12 man league, my answer swaps real quick. but its not, so you can do it and build RB and WR depth.

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I’m in the same kind of league. I agree with previous responder. I had Rodgers last year so ended up streaming quarterbacks all season and won my league!

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It’s difficult to put a round # on it just with how quickly trends change. I typically start targeting QB’s in a 2QB league when my QB8 or QB9 come off the board. The beauty of those early QB runs means you can stock up on higher tiered positional players while your league mates grab QB’s too early.

I will say, though, if a guy like Wilson or Brady falls towards the end of the 4th / beginning of the 5th, I’d consider it. In a 2 QB league I expect them to be gone fairly early so I still view it as a major value if they were passed over.

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I usually punt at that position and most of the time I do just fine. Maybe grabbing a guy like Luck who is coming back from an injury would be a value since others might be steering away from him. I actually do like Trubisky this year as a very late round or undrafted sleeper. The Dolphins will be probably very bad, but Tannehill will throw a LOT. I think Eli Manning is probably my favorite in that perceived bottom tier of guys that pretty much nobody wants. He’s going to have some huge games this year and you can get him for free

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Wait wait wait wait. There will be plenty to go around even in a 8 team, 2 qb league

I agree with @BusterD. Just look at last season:

Alex Smith – finished QB#4 – ADP QB#22
Carson Wentz – finished QB#5 – ADP QB#18
Matt Stafford – finished QB#7 – ADP QB#15


Aaron Rodgers – finished QB#29 – ADP QB#1
Brew Drees – finished QB#9 – ADP QB#3
Matt Ryan – finished QB#15 – ADP QB#4
Derek Carr – finished QB#19 – ADP QB#6
Jameis Winston – finished QB#22 – ADP QB#7
Marcus Marriatoo – finished QB#18 – ADP QB#8