2 QB league redraft strategy

Hey Footballers,

Doing a 2 QB redraft league for the first time. I usually draft QBs late, as in double digit rounds. How much should that strategy change in a 2 QB league?

All other roster settings are pretty standard. .5 ppr


Big time. Usually you need at least one within 4 rounds and depending on league tendencies, the second before 7th. I have been doing the superflex for 8 years and waiting will get you 2 duds. You need at least one decent QB to compete.


Would it be unusual to see QBs like mahomes or Watson get taken in the first round or would that be too early?

Also, how many QBs should I roster? 3-4 maybe?

QBs ADP goes earlier than their non 2-QB leagues. Pat mahomes is 3.01-3.04. I just drafted in a 2-qb SF league in the 6th position. I was prepared to pull the trigger on Mahomes in 1.06, but he went in 1.03.

So look at some QB ADPs. Round variance is around 2-3 rounds earlier. Fantasy footballers also have an article on this subject. Hope this helps and best of success!

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Should I roster 4 QBs? Or would 3 be ok?

I’ll check out the article

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I have 3 QBS rostered. Watson, Wentz, and Darnold. I went with a Top 5 qb in the 2nd, wentz in 5, and darnold as my backup.

I should mention I went zero-RB and went WRs. Bought the RB handcuffs of awesome offenses (strong o-lines) dirt cheap.

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very nice! thanks for the heads up on that article. I read it and depending on how the rest of the draft goes, I’ll probably try something similar to what you did or go the 2-mid tier QB route.

I was mistaken about one thing I mentioned before… its a 10 team league instead of 12… would that change anything?

Thanks again for the advice!

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I’m in a 10-team. It would affect your draft position and who falls to you for sure, but it depends on your risk-tolerance. It doesn’t change much per se. Important thing is remain flexible during your draft and create opportunities for transactions later.

Best of success sir!

This is my draft result in a 10 team, superflex, 0.5 ppr draft. No K or D/ST

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