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2 QB league Strategy


I’m in a 10 team 2 QB Half point PPR league this year. Passing touchdown are worth 4 points. I’ve done it for a few years but am always looking for ways to optimize strategy going into draft night. So what would be your approach to this type of league? Depending on the draft position (unknown at this time), would you grab an elite QB1 or wait on QB and get an elite WR/RB?


I usually look at QB rankings and decide which are the last 5 QBs that I would be willing to have on my team. I then make sure that I get 2 of those 5. They usually end up in the mid rounds and in the meantime I draft RBs and WRs. In the 3rd to last round I draft a high upside young QB as a lottery ticket.


I do the same as what Josh said. But if Brady or Aaron start falling I am not scared to grab them. Luck is a steal so I usually target him after the big 3-4 are gone


I always wait on a QB until about round 4 and use first three rounds to choose
High value RB and WR . Second QB at round 8 or 9. The most rule I follow is to keep track of when your fellow managers choose qbs


Yes!! I wish they would discuss this more on the podcast. Does anyone have more resources for a 2QB league?

I have Julio Jones as my keeper (I am 7th pick of 10) and I’m deciding if I should take Aaron Rogers in my 2nd round pick, or, if I should try and get Gurley, Fornette, or Zek (I’m assuming they will be available).


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there are an abundance of mid to late round QBs such as Ryan, cousins, mariota, etc. Depending on the league size, I have been able to wait until round six for my first QB . If you are in a 12-14 league, it will force you to choose sooner than 8-10 size league. If you are in a ppr league, you need to stock up on WRs and pass catching rbs instead of grabbing an earlier QB.

There are some articles which deal with 2qbs but I am not aware of specific apps.